• 2018 Page a Day "Gracie Calendars"...

    The "Shaker Woods" Summer Show is behind us... packing up for "Antiques in the Woods" September 9th and 10th... and then on to "Christmas in the Woods" October 14-15 and 21-22... both shows are located at the festival grounds: 44337 County Line Rd., Columbiana OH 44408

    The 2018 Page a Day " Gracie Calendar" will be available now while supplies last...the sayings are are different from past calendars...still just as intriguing to brighten your day ...pause for thought or just make you smile ...There are some added "surprise pages" this year too...Enjoy...pass them on...start or continue the giving tradition... "You've been Graced"... it's the gift they will remember you for 365 plus days and ask you for it again !!!

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